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Sunday, August 23, 2009

What’s Up With That Appetite?!?

My 3 year old just brought me a third Butterfinger fun size to open.  And I opened it.  I know…chocolate??  Why start that habit at such a young age?  I can’t help it.  He's eating.  And it makes my heart sing happy tunes and fast food jingles.

This child was a fat baby.  HUGE.  He only weighed seven and a half pounds at birth, but by 5 months of age he was 25 pounds.  Yes!  I know.  Like I said….HUGE.  Being a heart kid, we were told to expect feeding problems and high calorie formula early on.  That never happened.  He had horrible problems with SVT (a fast heart arrhythmia) and the medical team would struggle to find an IV site under all that fluff.  And once he was feeling better, the nurses would bring his favorite formula in those cute little four ounce glass bottles….two at a time.  We’d be buzzing the nurse for more. “Keep ‘em coming. He’s still going.”

Then he hit the baby food stage.  Oh, he liked that, too.  Until he hit the 2nd stage.  That’s when the baby food becomes a bit more textured.  He ate, but not as well, so he ended up drinking way more formula than he should.  He held his baby weight, never losing an ounce, but he didn’t gain either.  From 5 months old until 22 months old he weighed 25 pounds.  He was put on Pediasure.  Vanilla.  Three bottles a day. For 16 months. Oh, how he loves vanilla Pediasure.  If Abbott Labs decided to have a “Got Pediasure?” campaign, Eli would be their man.  Anyway, can you say limited diet?  No meat, no fruit, no veggies.  Bread.  He just wanted bread. And noodles.  He gets that from me.  (It’s probably genetic.)

It’s been six months since his open heart surgery and immediately after surgery we noticed a bit of weight gain.  His heart isn’t working as hard so his food is sticking to his ribs. Literally.  So, the cardiologist said those dreaded words….."No more Pediasure”.  I was immediately worried about his nutrition and his addiction. lol! The next thing I knew we were being referred to the children’s hospital for feeding group-an intensive feeding therapy.  (He was diagnosed last fall with sensory/texture feeding issues.)

We started weaning the Pediasure down to one each day by mixing it with vanilla soy milk.  He transitioned well and the next thing I know, somebody has decided that food is good.  All food. (well, almost)  Bananas (gomeenas)??, apples, cheese. Oh. my. gosh. the cheese.  Even a bite of chicken. And strawberry Nutrigrain bars-two at a time. The feeding therapy group doesn’t even start until September.  Whoa…..  Okay. After years of begging this child to eat…  Now how do I slow him down??  Maybe I should look into OA instead….

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Temple Maintenance....Under Construction??

I was a skinny little kid. One of those pale skinned, blonde, blue-eyed skinny kids. No, not the white blonde, the golden variety. And my knees touched when nothing else even came close.

Then I turned nine years old. Pre-puberty hormones went into overdrive and food was good! Too good, apparently.

That one year changed my life forever. I became the "chubby girl". The good thing about it at the time...I didn't realize I was the chubby girl! Food was good, life was good, I had friends-lots of friends.

I'm still not exactly sure when it hit me. It was probably around the time when boys began to hold more potential than bike-riding buddies. Whenever it was, it started a downward spiral of low self-esteem, wishing to be thin and endless diets.

Never truly satisfied, I entered married life at what I thought was a decent size and pressed forward.

Then came the children. Six of them. *sigh* Need I say more?!?!My baby #6 is 2 years old. I'm still blaming my extra weight on baby #4. He's ten. BUT, I gained 70 pounds with that pregnancy! It has to be his fault!

When baby #6 hit 3 months old, I began the frantic on-again, off-again diet and exercise. I was very heavy-even for me. I had times of strict discipline and times of no control. However, I managed to knock off some weight!

Then, I started again in July. By September, I dropped a little more.

Fast forward to now. I have been working out, watching my diet, trying to drink water (blech). Since September, I have lost nothing. NADA. I tried taking a break from the diet, taking a break from the exercise, working harder, working less. It doesn't matter-no budge in the scale.

I am completely frustrated. If I can lay around, eat what I want (within reason, of course) and stay at this weight, then why would I choose to work harder??

I know, I know. Health reasons. Family history of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer. Need I say more?

My body is my temple and I only have one.

So, I will continue to watch my diet. I will workout again and again....
I will press forward. And I will look at the progress I have made.

Since February 2006, I have lost 37 pounds. I have lost most of that in the last six months.
I may be on a plateau, but eventually, I will push over and beyond!

I will press forward!

Only 40 more pounds to go.....

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